Ultimate Hostel, Kumasi, (formerly known as Evandi) this year became the first hostel in Ghana to use a computerized system of student registration through an online application known as Trackist. Mr. Prince Agyemang who has been the manager for several years had always faced problems with student registration. “We always had difficulties in registering students” said the manager. Students used to buy forms from the hostel when in search for a room and some students provide wrong information when filling the form. He also said registering over 400 students produced a huge amount of paper work each year which made it very difficult to keep an accurate database of students in the hostel some of their applications sometimes get missing in all the chaos.

The software is known as Trackist and it is developed by KKYB Productions. “We needed a solution to these problems we were facing and that is how we got in touch with the KKYB team. Apart from being a great software, we have also acquired a website through this software also.” Trackist works as an online application where students purchase a code from the potters lodge and log in to the registration page using that code. They then fill a form with their details, upload a picture and submit the form. Upon submission the student receives a text message from the hostel entailing the hostel account details which the student is to make payment to. The manager also has the convenience of seeing all registrations and allocating rooms to the students. When a room is allocated the student receives a text message of the room he or she has been allocated to.

Apart from providing the statistics of all the students, that is whether they are in first, second, third or fourth year and the number of males and females at a glance, it also provides financial review of payments made by each student. “We used to have a problem of communicating with the students. We put a notice on the notice board and some students will complain that they did not see it but now we can send them a text message through Trackist and we know for sure that all the 400 plus students will get the message.” The C.E.O. of KKYB Productions Mr. Kekeli Buckner said that Trackist was designed to be a solution to data management and increase the productivity of the organization which is using it. He added that it is a software designed for any industry and can function in any environment.

Students have responded very well to the new way of registration with over 60% registering with their smart phones. “It’s simple and convenient and I think it should be in every hostel on campus to prevent confusion which is so common during this time of the year.” Said a student who registered online. “We have seen a great improvement in the whole registration process which has been smooth and problem free for both the student and the management. Trackist has made the management and control of students very easy.”



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