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Jojoh is a shito brand that produces top-quality and delicious shito for its customers. Unlike other shitos, Jojoh is made of 100% uniquely natural ingredients and contains chunks of diced beef in it. It is also produced under hygienic conditions for the customer.



The company needed to re-brand in a competitive market in order to reach new clients. They were looking for something classy and at the same time fun and vibrant. They were also open to any marketing campaign that could make their shito the most desired shito in the world.



After eating a lot of their shito we come up with a vibrant and classy logo which amplifies their approach to shito. They were also interested in using technology to improve sales so we created a website which allows users to subscribe for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery of the shito. Customers who sign up for this get the shito delivered to them at a reduction! What more could you ask for.




July 13, 2015

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