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Trackist is an intelligent online data management software designed to receive, manage and process data of organizations which deal with huge amounts of data. Hostels have hundreds of students applying for residency each year and as such find Trackist a very useful application for enrolling and managing these students. Data management is essential for any institution be it government or private. We design Trackist to cut across all the key areas of data management and presentation.



Students have always had problems when applying for hostels. Unscrupulous potters take advantage of desperate students and extort money from them. Students also apply without any surety of getting the requested room. The manager also has a lot of trouble sorting out large portions of paperwork making room allocation a difficult and burdensome task.



We developed a website for the hostel and integrated it with our data management software, Trackist. This enabled students to register online on the hostel website. Students receive text messages from the hostel confirming their registration and the hostel manager can through Trackist allocate rooms to the students. What’s more is that students can login through the website and check their application process to see whether the money they have paid for the room has been received and who their room mates are.

Management of the hostel has through Trackist become very effective and efficient for hostels. Managers have access to tenancy data and can generate reports from the data received. Students can also be notified via text messaging or email directly from Trackist.

Benefits of Trackist


    • Online Backup

      Through Trackist your valuable data will never get missing. That is because Trackist produces an online back-up of all your data so if that hard drive crashes or any form of natural disaster destroys your pc you will always have your data securely backed up online and can retrieve it at will.

    • 100% Customized

      Trackist is a customized software specifically built to suit your business. Whether its a bank, school, church, hostel, hotel or NGO, Trackist is designed to suit you.

    • Accessible

      Trackist can be accessed on any device that can connect to the internet like your phone, tablet or pc and from anywhere in the world.

    • User friendly

      The simple modern design of Trackist makes it easy and fun to use.

    • Secure

      All Trackist softwares are customized, meaning each software is different and no two Trackist softwares are ever the same adding to the security of your data.

    • Reports

      Meaningful reports can be generated by Trackist to provide the user with accurate representation of data within seconds.

    • Text Messages

      Trackist is installed with its own text messaging system integrated. You will be able to send text messages to clients or if your a church to members and segments of the congregation through Trackist.

    • Support

      Apart from a great software you also get 24hr support services from our experience technicians should you need it.

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