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Get Online!

The get online project (GO!) is an initiative by KKYB productions to help get young start up businesses and SME’s to get online by providing them with their very own company website. Companies can receive a website with a 25% discount in web development fees by following these three easy steps;


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1. LOCATE –  find any of our pictures or videos with the GO! symbol in it. Just like the ones above. You can also find them on any of our social media platforms.


2. SHARE – don’t keep good things like this to yourself, share them with your friends on any social media platform with the hashtag #getonline.


3. CONNECT – now just connect with us! Contact us by filling the form to the right or by sending us an email to or by calling any of these numbers +233 269 195 002, +233 269 826 102. That’s it!


So what are you waiting for? Get your business online now.




  1. Anybody can take part in this project.
  2. Only images and videos with the GO! symbol are eligible to be shared.
  3. Participants must confirm that they have shared it by taking a snapshot of the shared post on their social network timeline or group.
  4. The discounts are for life and can be applied for a website that does not directly belong to the participant.
  • GO! Discount Table

    • Shared with 500 people – 5% discount
    • Shared with 1000 people – 10% discount
    • Shared with 1500 people – 15% discount
    • Shared with 2000 people – 20% discount
    • Shared with 3000 people – 25% discount

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