10 Nov Benefits of learning how to code

It is almost impossible to live in these days without encountering a technological device. We have become very dependent on gadgets like our smart phones, tablets and laptops which are used to connect to websites to read articles or interact. Ever stopped for second to think how these websites are created? Well if you have good for you, if you have not then you should, because in this age knowing how to code can open lots of doors for you and improve your skills. Here are three benefits of learning how to code.

It makes you more marketable

Whether you have a very good resume or not, adding coding to it can greatly increase your chance of nailing that job. Why? Because every company (the serious ones that is,) has a website and having the technical knowledge of coding can make you a cost effective employee. Who wouldn’t want to kill two birds with one stone when you can employ someone capable of handling the position and has coding knowledge? I would.

Technology will make more sense

I never really appreciate buildings until I started watching Mega structures, a TV series which shows the detail of how mega structures are built. All the physics and ergonomics that are in play when constructing such structures really opened my eyes to the technicality and beauty of modern day buildings. The same with websites. Learning how to code made me look at each website with admiration and appreciation.

It’ll change your thinking and reasoning

In order to be a successful coder you must start thinking and reasoning the way a computer would. This is known as computational thinking which makes you more of a problem solver. Imagine a world full of people like this who are looking for solutions to problems. One thing is certain, it will surely help you improve your reasoning ability and creativity.


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Kekeli Buckner

Kekeli is the CEO of KKYB Productions, an advertising agency which produces creative campaigns for companies and individuals. He is a designer at heart and likes to create aesthetic yet functional works. @kkbuckner

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